We are a small group of local residents determined to push back against the inappropriate over development of housing in our villages & on our quickly disappearing green spaces.

Mission Statement

  • To ensure all residents are informed, kept updated and continuously engaged regarding all proposed development. All communications will be in plain English, transparent and with honesty about our viewpoint.
  • To ensure the local planning system is open, transparent and fair in its dealings enabling residents to be fully consulted and to take account of their individual and collective views in determining planning policy and applications.
  • To object to further development until a full assessment of the social, economic and environmental impacts of the current phase of development is completed and lessons learnt are identified, published and implemented.
  • To work with other groups, to be a non-political group and to lobby all political leaders that we can reasonably reach to support a more sustainable future.
  • We will campaign for improvements to local community infrastructure such as GPs schools, etc. so that our residents have the facilities and services they need in order to live their lives.