On 23 August WBC announced that the Cemex/Farley Farms quarry planning application was refused.

By then, well over 1,400 new objections to it had been entered on their planning portal. If WBC ever had any doubts about the public reaction to this utterly unsuitable plan, they certainly know now!

Residents protested in huge numbers about the threat to their environment, their road network, and their children’s schools, located a few hundred metres from the proposed quarry site. And we won!

Significantly, Wokingham Borough councillors from all political groups joined in to voice their opposition to the plan. It’s a welcome development, when residents and councillors come together to defend the environment we live in. A borough with residents and councillors on the same side on issues like this is a strong one.

However, Farley Farms have announced that they are considering resubmitting the planning application. They would be likely to change some of the details in their original submission, then try to get it past WBC in a revised form.

They still haven’t got the message that for us residents a quarry close to our villages, in any shape or form, would be an all year-long threat to the air we breathe, and can never be accepted.

This means we will have to continue the fight until the pennny drops with these applicants, and they realise they’re not going to win.

If the quarry plan is resubmitted, objections can again be lodged on WBC’s planning  portal, and more public meetings and media presence will highlight our continuing opposition to it.

In the meanwhile, keeping the posters and banners displayed reminds the powers-that-be that we the residents have found our voice, and will make sure we’re heard.

This web site will continue to keep you informed about any future developments regarding this dreadful quarry plan: it should be buried once and for all, but we must remain vigilant!

Article by Richard R