We all know our local Villages and communities are being subjected to significant change. Mass housing development and now a huge quarry and concrete plant that will further impact our way of life.

Over the past couple of year’s a group of Arborfield residents, in collaboration with their Borough and Parish Councillors, have been fighting to protect our communities from the significant risks that come from quarry and concrete operations. Their excellent hard work can be seen on the Shinfield & Arborfield Residents Against Quarry & Concrete Plant face book group.

At the same time Shinfield residents have been fighting against the over development of our villages through SOS Save Our Villages group.  SOS has also been seeking greater collaboration with Shinfield Parish Council and this is progressing well. As Shinfields’ Independent Borough Councillor I am fully engaged with and supportive of SOS.

Both groups have encouraged large numbers of residents to stand up for their communities with great success.  Following a brilliant residents meeting regarding the quarry application, over a thousand planning objections have been submitted. Thanks to a few local residents, Independent Borough Councillors and Parish Councillors from both groups we have a voice that is at last being heard.

The risks to the residents health and wellbeing associated with quarry and concrete production are well documented, as are the huge increase in HGV traffic required to operate these businesses. The potential risks and impacts are so significant that both groups are now working together on a combined RAGE (Residents Against Gravel Extraction) campaign. 

After all, TWO ACTING AS ONE is always going to be STRONGER than one working alone. Together we have a bigger voice and a shared workload.

If you want to help with RAGE now is the time to act. To find out more or to join us visit



Article by Jim Frewin – Independent Borough Councillor