Minutes of S.O.S Save Our Village Campaign Group

Date of Meeting:     08/12/2018 @ 10:00

Attendees:               Andrew Grimes, Jim Frewin, James Reid, Mark Chatfield, Dawn Peer, Peter Hughes, John Brown, Lee Brown

Location:                 Shinfield Parish Hall, John Heggedon Room


The minutes of the meeting held on 6th October 2018 were approved with one correction. The second AOB which read “Jim Frewin relayed that at the Spencers Wood Fete a number of public letters were signed which are being sent to Charlotte stating that they won’t vote for her unless she opposes the development” has been amended to read “Jim Frewin relayed that at the Spencers Wood Fete a number of public letters were signed which state that any candidate will not be supported unless they oppose the current re-development of the area”.

Review of Actions

Action Ref.TitleUpdateOwnerStatus
20181006-03Open bank account for group.Additional information needed to enable bank account to be opened.LBClosed
20181006-04Conduct research on other groups to identify lessons learnedAll successful campaigns had the support of councillors who worked alongside residents.JFOngoing
20181006-05Think about fundraising ideas for the group.Some ideas but no real progress.AllOngoing
20181110-01Identify the additional information required to enable a bank account to be opened.LB08/12Closed
20181110-02Based on requests from LB create documents needed to allow the bank account to be opened.JR08/12Closed
20181110-03In conjunction with the Parish Council set up a web-site to cover the consultation being run by WBC.PH08/12Ongoing
20181110-04Secure web presence for S.O.S Save Our Village.MC08/12Closed
20181110-05Create a plan for opposing the developmentAG08/12Closed
20181110-06Create our initial message and publicity for first eventJR,JF,PH08/12Closed
20181110-07Create the technical response to the consultation   
20181110-08Research options for establishing our own web-siteMC08/12Closed
20181110-09Print DL Leaflet which can be issued out to schoolsJB, LBTBCOngoing
20181110-10Circulate contact list of everyoneJR08/12Closed
20181110-11Talk to Richard about setting up guided walks around the development areasAG08/12Closed
20181110-12Create response for the Cutbush Lane DevelopmentJF & MC08/12Ongoing

Matters Arising from Actions

Bank Account

  • A Treasurer’s account for a charity has now been opened. Signatories to the account are Lee, Andrew, and Dawn
  • Bank details are: Sort Code (qqqqqq) Account (qqqqqqqq) and Title (S.O.S Save Our Villages – Wokingham).

Research on Other Groups

  • Borough First is a new political group that was launched in Maidenhead and is being set up as being not aligned to any political ideology
  • It was noted that the Local Plan in Maidenhead was rejected by the Planning inspector. Action: Dawn to find out why the plan was rejected.

Fundraising Ideas

  • All members of the group to think about fundraising ideas so that we can start raising money to enable us to fight the development
  • Given the account has been set up all members are also encouraged to make a donation to the account.


  • The web-site has now been established and can be accessed at sossaveourvillages.org
  • The web-site now needs content to be created and all members are encourage to send in any stories/images so that it can go on the web-site
  • Both Jim and Mark are admins of the web-site to help out with its administration and to enable the load to be set up
  • E-mail facility to be set up so that people can contact us. Action: Mark to set-up e-mail addresses.

Address for Group

  • It is proposed that the Parish offices be used as the address for the group but this will need approval from the Parish Council. Action: Peter to gain approval for the address to be used.

Draft Programme

  • Guided walks will be run on 5th/6th and 12th/13th January to take residents around the fields that are earmarked in the consultation for development
  • The first set of walks will be around Grazeley on the 5th and 6th January and the second set of walks on the 12th and 13th January will go around areas fir development in Three Mile Cross around to Croft Gardens
  • Walks to be publicised on Facebook and put on to the web-site.
  • High-Vis jackets to be ordered for the event. Action: Mark to order Hi-Vis jackets with the the group name on the back.

Cutbush Lane

  • Thames Water have objected to the proposed development on the basis that there is insufficient infrastructure to remove sewerage and the Fire Brigade have objected due to difficulty in getting access to the site
  • There have been discrepancies in the plans sent out around the ecological assessment – bats in barns that don’t exist, reptile traps that have never been identified, etc.
  • The Barkham petition gathered 4,000 signatures and was presented to WBC on 22/11. The Cutbush Lane petition will be presented at an extra-ordinary council meeting on 24/01.
  • Questions should be worked up for the extra-ordinary meeting and asked my members of the public so that the council can’t easily dismiss the petition. Action: James and Jim to discuss working up questions and getting them fielded.
  • It would also be a good idea to get people there at the meeting to show support for the petition being passed. Action: James and Jim to arrange.

Responses to Local Plan

  • The group discussed and agreed answers to questions 1,2,3,4, and 7 on the questionnaire distributed by Andrew

Public Presentations

  • Public presentations will be given directly after this meeting on 08/12 using an adapted version of the previous presentation delivered by Peter.
  • Andrew will introduce the group and share the presentation with Peter, whilst Dawn will greet people on arrival and take their details.


The next meeting will be held on 5th January in Jim’s house at qqqqqqqqqqqqq.

New Actions

Action refTitleOwnerDate
20181208-01Find out the reasons why the Local Plan for Maidenhead was rejected.Dawn05/01/19
20181208-02All members to submit content for the web-site to MarkAllOngoing
20181208-03Set up e-mail facility on the web-siteMark05/01/19
20181208-04Confirm parish office address can be usedPeter05/01/19
20181208-05Order hi-vis jackets for the groupMark05/01/19
20181208-06Work up public questions to be asked at the Council MeetingJames & Jim11/01/19
20181208-07Organise public show of support for council meeting on 24/01James & Jim18/01/19